Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Fix Is In - Super Bowl 2017

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    I'm now a Scholarly Authority thanks to citation of Larceny Games in its Supreme Court amicus brief:
  2. Brady sneaks a win?
  3. Now can the NFL put a really big bow on this presentation? Can't be a quick kill OT, can it? Gotta milk this sucker.
  4. ROFLMAO, you know, I had my doubts about your position, but after tonight, I think I will purchase your book. This seems
  5. Amazing how those nonsensical time outs would come into play now.
  6. This is kinda like seeing Hulk Hogan's arm drop twice while in the choke hold but on that third drop? It stays And then there's the comeback
  7. Win probability: still embarrassing the field of statistics in 2017.
  8. Don't tell me this is going to overtime. First NFL championship to do so since 1958?
  9. Oh the drama. How amazing that it's suddenly a one score game. Anyone turn off their TV early? It's entertainment, people.
  10. All NFL zombies need to read and get educated. The is rigged.
  11. Remember this is a "presentation of the National Football League" and the most watched TV show of the year, nothing more.