Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Contractors Dump 84 Lumber After Anti-Trump Border Wall Super Bowl Ad


Super Bowl ads use to embody the very essence of patriotism, American pride and humor while leaving political commentary at the door, but last night 84 Lumber aired a minute and half commercial encouraging illegal immigrants to break the law while exposing themselves to a very risky, dangerous journey.
The commercial starts out with a Hispanic immigrant mother and her young child waking up in the morning as they start their journey to illegally immigrate to the United States.  During the journey the migrants are shown engaging in such activities as paying off what appears to be a human trafficker, who loads them into the back of a pickup truck along with other migrants.  The mother a daughter cross hard terrain and even jump on a moving train, essentially putting both their lives and limbs at risk.
84 Lumber’s Super Bowl ad ends with the migrants continuing to cross the wilderness and giving viewers a message to watch the conclusion of their journey online.

The full advertisement, which clocks in at over 5 minutes, shows the migrants finally arriving at the border only to find a massive cement wall blocking their path, which was meant to represent President Trump’s proposed border wall.  Meant to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings to gain sympathy for the mother, who put her daughter at tremendous risk with this journey, it shows the young girl pulling out an American flag that she made out of scraps of garbage that she collected on the way.
Of course, the story has a happy ending as they walk around a corner and a giant door, which opens and allows them to illegally enter the United States.
The advertisement ends with a pickup truck driving down the road with lumber and construction supplies secured in the back, driving off into the sunset. 84 lumber’s commercial basically screams the message, “Come to America illegally, we need cheep labor!”
Needless to say, many viewers were not happy with 84 Lumber’s decision to make a political statement during the most viewed event in the country, which isn’t surprising given the millions of people who support Trump’s policy of securing our border.  Effectively isolating a large swath of their customer base, 84 Lumber was hit with a backlash on social media, along with various customers canceling with their business with the company.
Here I am trying to enjoy the super bowl taking a break from politics and then I see this crap from Audi & 84 lumber and others. Unreal.
Hey : Cost to taxpayers each illegal alien: $35K per year. Put that in your lumber yard. See how many illegals buy your wood. Adios
84 Lumber should remove all their fences & gates and let people who don't want to pay have all the free lumber they want.  4 84Lumber
I will be closing my commercial account with . Hopefully many other Patriots will do the same. Do NOT support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
Does 84 Lumber realize that the vast majority of the social justice warriors that they were aiming to please with this commercial live in urban areas and have never worked a construction job in their lives?  Meanwhile many Americans are put out of work by a flood of cheap labor, while open borders advocates gladly celebrate this phenomenon.
The commercial fails to include the realistic possibility of the mother and child becoming dehydrated, taken advantage of by human smugglers and possibly losing their lives on their journey. In the first 10 months of 2015 there were 117 illegal immigrant deaths in the Arizona desert alone, up from 108 during the same period in the previous year.
Is 84 Lumber really encouraging migrants to risk the lives of their young children all so they can get paid $5 an hour under the table to clean houses or perform manual labor on a construction site?  If things are that bad in Mexico and South American countries, then perhaps they should be encouraging their governments to resolve their domestic issues, rather than passing them off to the United States.
There is a path to legal immigration to the United States, which millions of migrants have used in the past to become citizens, so perhaps 84 Lumber should have encouraged this migrant and her daughter to invest their money into following the legal route, rather than risking their lives for a low paying manual labor job while collecting government assistance courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Monday, February 6, 2017

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Skull And Bones Member Executes Super Bowl 51 Coin Toss

Skull and Bones: Exposing the Illuminati in America - Bavarian Illuminati in Modern Times:

The Fix Is In - Super Bowl 2017

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    I'm now a Scholarly Authority thanks to citation of Larceny Games in its Supreme Court amicus brief:
  2. Brady sneaks a win?
  3. Now can the NFL put a really big bow on this presentation? Can't be a quick kill OT, can it? Gotta milk this sucker.
  4. ROFLMAO, you know, I had my doubts about your position, but after tonight, I think I will purchase your book. This seems
  5. Amazing how those nonsensical time outs would come into play now.
  6. This is kinda like seeing Hulk Hogan's arm drop twice while in the choke hold but on that third drop? It stays And then there's the comeback
  7. Win probability: still embarrassing the field of statistics in 2017.
  8. Don't tell me this is going to overtime. First NFL championship to do so since 1958?
  9. Oh the drama. How amazing that it's suddenly a one score game. Anyone turn off their TV early? It's entertainment, people.
  10. All NFL zombies need to read and get educated. The is rigged.
  11. Remember this is a "presentation of the National Football League" and the most watched TV show of the year, nothing more.