Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NFL IS RIGGED!!! Patriots vs Steelers RIGGED Again!!!

Editor's Note: I don't know about all the Israel talk here. I'm just interested in more evidence that the NFL is fixed, rigged.


Diddy Wants To Buy Panthers To Sign Kaep After Owner Kerfuffle, Kaep Doesn't Want To Be Signed!

Just a few weeks ago, Diddy was saying he wanted to buy the entire NFL. That, of course, was never realistic, but with the Carolina Panthers suddenly up for sale, you’d have to think the rapper/entrepreneur would be interested, right? Actually, Diddy has a two-part plan in mind: Buy the Panthers, then sign Colin Kaepernick. When he learned of Diddy’s plan, Kaepernick had other ideas. Unsigned since parting with the San Francisco 49ers last March, he is thinking about moving up in the NFL’s hierarchy. “I want in on the ownership group!” he tweeted Monday morning. “Let’s make it happen!” Which would be interesting if, as many have theorized, Kaepernick is being blackballed from the league because of his national anthem demonstrations. Kaepernick’s response clearly indicates that he is not interested in playing NFL football anymore. He knows that his time is up and has been for a while now. So the next best thing he can do is become an owner in the league. Although Diddy did not invite Kaep to become part of the ownership team, Kaep’s request puts Diddy in a weird space. Even though Diddy would have not likely been able to purchase the team anyway. And all of this was made possible by the #metoo campaign, or at least the fallout from it. Current Panthers Owner, 81-year-old Jerry Richardson is having a Donald Sterling moment. Not only is he being accused of sexual harassment, but also racism. And just like Sterling, he is now selling his professional sports team. It will most likely be passed to the next uber-billionaire just like the LA Clippers were passed off to Steve Ballmer of Microsoft when Sterling stepped away. Whoever it goes to should be more focused on money since the investment will be a large one… rather than social justice opportunism and optics like Diddy and Kaepernick appear to be. (PORTION OF ARTICLE ABOVE: NEW YORK TIMES)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Shannon Sharpe: NFL officiating so bad some fans think games are fixed

NFL officiating has become so bad some fans think games are fixed.
That was the serious charge leveled by Shannon Sharpe on FS1's "Undisputed" Tuesday after poor officiating marred the Raiders' 27-20 win Monday night against the Texans in Mexico City.
The Pro Football Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champion pointed to the controversial call in which a line judge blew dead a play in which the Texans' DeAndre Hopkins could have scored a 60-yard touchdown reception from Brock Osweiler
Instead, the official called Hopkins out of bounds. The Texans had to settle for a field goal on their opening drive on the "Monday Night Football" game telecast by ESPN.
"I'm telling you, Skip, they don't think the games are on the up and up," Sharpe told Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor. "That what fans are starting to think."
If he were a Texans fan, coach or player, Sharpe said he'd have a hard time swallowing a call that seemingly cost them a touchdown on their opening drive.
If the line judge hadn't blown the play dead, it probably would have been reviewed anyway, Sharpe said. Then the replay officials could have used all these fancy replay cameras the TV networks brag about.
"The official who blew that whistle? That's unacceptable," Sharpe declared.

Bayless countered that many NFL owners, including Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, want human error kept in the game because it sparks discussion, intrigue and controversy.
“I don't think they mind that somebody wonders about, 'Is this rigged? Is this fixed?' Because people have wondered that, trust me, for 50 years about this league," Bayless said.