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Super Bowl Sports Rigging and Match Fixing with Brian Tuohy

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Recognized as America's leading expert on game fixing in sports, Brian Tuohy is the author of two books on the subject -- The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR and Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBI.

Tuohy continues to be an in-demand radio guest, appearing on over 150 radio programs across the United States and Canada, including the nationally syndicated programs The Dan Patrick Show, Coast to Coast AM, the Steve Czaban Show, Fox Sports' Chris Myers Interviews, JT The Brick, The Brian Kenny Show on NBC Sports Radio, and the Alex Jones Show.

Tuohy is also the author of Disaster Government: National Emergencies, Continuity of Government, and You. Based on over three years of research into the federal government's once Top Secret files, the book reveals the shocking truths about "national emergencies," presidential executive orders, martial law, underground bases, the "shadow government," and more.

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Excerpt from 'The Fix Is In'

Excerpt from 'The Fix Is In'

The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR:

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Was Super Bowl 48 Rigged? Did Peyton Manning Get Cheated Out of a Super Bowl?

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Seahawks Figured Out Peyton Manning's Hand Signals:


"The Seattle Seahawks have made a laughingstock out of the NFL. It was more than hand signals. They knew what plays the Broncos were calling. The Seahawks spied on their electronic transmissions. This has been going on for years. It started with the Patriots ten years ago. The Seahawks have the most on-field penalties of any NFL team. They even admit that they intentionally play dirty because officials won't call everything. The Seahawks have the most PED violations of any NFL team since Pete Carroll, a disgraced cheating college coach, took over in Seattle. What kind of message does it send when cheating drug users prosper in the NFL? The team with the most PED violations and the most on-field penalties won the Super Bowl. It sends a signal to other teams that they should cheat or lose. The purpose of penalties and violations is to deter the behavior and make it not worth doing. Obviously, the punishments levied against the Seahawks are insufficient. It would be like being fined $50 for stealing  $100 and not having to return the extra $50. The NFL has a vested interested in covering this up because they don't want to hurt their reputation and ratings. You won't hear about this in the sports media because they are beholden to the NFL. Only news outlets with expressed written permission from the NFL can show their highlights. News outlets can't even describe games or make comments about them without the NFL okaying it. These sports news outlets won't bite the hand that feeds them."

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The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR:

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The Fix Is In's "Can I use the term 'Super Bowl' without the NFL suing me for some sort of copyright/trademark infringement?" sort-of prediction for SB48.

(Hmmm....That logo looks awfully Seahawks in color, don't it?)


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Is the NFL Fixed? Pt 1: A look back at the last 10 SuperBowls

A quick look at the history of the NFL and the last 10 superbowls to see if games are rigged. This video is not forcing anyone to think a certain way. The purpose is to show evidence of how and where games could have been fixed. This video only summarizes as there is more to what was listed in the video but there is simply too much to say in a short 5 minute video. This video was made before the championship games and the super bowl to show how predictable and fixed the league appears to be.

Note: I am not a fan of either team and didn't care who won. I watch sports for what it is which is "entertainment". The NFL and all sports is fixed for money, headlines, ratings, and entertainment. If it were left up to chance those 4 ingredients wouldn't be present in every superbowl. Anyone who calls this a "conspiracy" is truly delusional and its because of these people that the NFL is able to laugh all the way to the bank every season. The NFL is a business and if you think all businesses are upfront and honest with you because they care about integrity as opposed to money than you are just a hopeless idiot

Part 2:
Part 3:

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Spygate & Deflategate - What You DIDN'T Know

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Aaron Hernandez's attorney makes Deflategate joke, apologizes later:

Spygate the Untold Story:

The Unmentioned Consequences of the NFL's Recent Legal Battles


Because there is no law outside of the loose interpretation of fraud from preventing a league from fixing its own games, Afran’s conclusion is correct. One cannot fix a sporting event for gambling purposes; that is illegal. And one cannot fix an intellectual contest for entertainment purposes; that was made illegal after the quiz show scandal of the 1950s.

But fix a sporting event for entertainment purposes? Completely legal.

What’s worse, the lawyer representing the NFL, Shepard Goldfein, actually argued in court that “fans likely would buy tickets even if they knew the Patriots were stealing signals.” In other words, the NFL realizes that much like pro wrestling, even if fans knew the football was rigged, they still pay their money to see it.

In March 2011, the Supreme Court refused to hear Mayer's appeal thereby affirming the lower court's findings.

As these two court cases prove, it is time to see the NFL in a completely different light. It is not a loosely organized group of teams fighting tooth-and-nail to beat their rivals. No, the NFL is a well-organized machine out to maximize its profits by doing everything within their power to make people consume their product: the games.

…And that includes possibly allowing fixed games to occur because sucker fans would still pay to watch them play football.


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